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From frizzy to curly

Published on 17 November 2019 at 20:34

Lorraine Massey has developed the Curly Girl method (or CG method). She has written the book Curly Girl: The Handbook. This book is called the curly bible. You would think that all curly girls are familiar with this method, but not so! It took me fifteen years to even hear about it.

The CG method means that certain ingredients which are not good for our curls should be avoided. These ingredients cause build-up, frizzy, and / or brittle hair. How would I have liked someone to have told me about this method! This could have saved me frizzy hair for years. I was constantly looking for a good hair product and spent many euros on hair products. In the meantime, my curls had a mind of their own. Then I suddenly ended up on the Curly Girl Facebook group. A curling world opened up for me. On the Facebook page I saw that curly’s that use the CG method got nicely defined curls. It looked like a curly paradise! Now it is my mission to make every curly familiar with this method. I have to restrain myself from shouting at every curly in the street: "Follow the CG method, you too can go from frizz to curl!"

Tip: join the Curly Girl group on Facebook and follow the Curly Girl method on Instagram!

* Before and After the CG Method

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