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Published on 17 November 2019 at 20:37

Flaxseed for your hair
Flaxseed is known as a superfood. However, flaxseed is fantastic for your hair as well, due to high Vitamin E content. Flaxseed has the following advantages:

- contains vitamin E;
- hydrates, nourishes and strengthens the hair;
- does not weigh hair down;
- does not make hair sticky;
- stimulates hair growth.

You can make flaxseed-gel yourself. Although the recipe looks simple, my gel failed often enough. Moreover, I find it quite a lot of work to constantly make a new stock. However the gel suited my curls beautifully. That is why I developed the Pretty Curly Girl Magical Flaxseed gel. The perfect Flaxseed-gel for all the curly girls!

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